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Seamless, Hassle-Free Cancer Screenings

Worried about cancer but tired of the hassle of doctor visits and prescriptions?  Say goodbye to the hoops and hurdles of standardized healthcare keeping you in the dark because we here to revolutionize the way you approach your health!

Early Detection Cancer Screenings

Simplified, Doctor-Free Cancer Screenings:


When almost 1,700 people are dying a day from cancer, why should getting a cancer screening be so complicated? At Full Service Mobile Lab, we believe it shouldn't. That's why all our cancer screenings require no doctor visits or prescriptions. It's as simple as booking an appointment and us showing up! Schedule your mobile cancer screening today and stay ahead of potential health concerns!

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The Gift Of Early

Mobile Cancer Screenings:

We get it – your time and life is precious, and health matters shouldn't be delayed. At Full Service Mobile Lab, we understand this virtue. Our mobile cancer screenings are quick, efficient, and hassle-free—no complicated forms, or long waiting times. Early detection saves lives so take the first step with us towards a healthier future. Contact us to schedule your cancer screening now!

Traditional Cancer Screenings 

Comprehensive Screening Options:

Prefer traditional cancer screenings tests? We've got you covered. With over 100 tests available, you can trust that we have the expertise and resources to provide accurate and reliable results. Don't compromise on your health and wait for symptoms  to  appear – choose Full Service Mobile Lab for your trusted cancer screenings tailored to your needs. Contact us to book your mobile cancer screening now and experience the ease of proactive healthcare like never before!

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Cancer Prevention Education

For The Community:

Join us for comprehensive cancer prevention education with our experienced practitioners. Learn the latest information and 2024 breakthroughs in cancer treatment, including non-toxic options. We are dedicated to giving hope and offering alternative options for cancer prevention and treatment so that you can stay ahead of cancer to make informed health decisions. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain valuable insights and take proactive steps towards cancer prevention.

Need A Cancer Screening?

Here's How:

Option #1:

Contact Form

Fill out our Contact Us Form and our team will handle everything. Our updated process ensures a seamless experience for you. Let us know any preferences or questions you have during scheduling.

Talk soon!

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Option #2:

Phone Call 

But hey, if forms aren’t your thing or you're on the go, just give us a quick 📞CALL DIRECTLY to set up your appointment at:

(619) 943-3200

Option #3:

Fax Order


Medical professionals, streamline your workflow by FAXING SCREENING ORDERS directly to us. Elevate patient care as we reach out to clients promptly to schedule blood draws on your behalf, ensuring an efficient laboratory experience for your patient. Our fax number is:

(619) 704-1320


​Full Service Mobile Lab Team


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