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  • Geriatric, Pediatric, and services for all age groups

  • Urinalysis

  • PT/INR Monitoring

  • Blood Culture

  • Wound Culture

  • Fasting and Non-Fasting draws

  • Stool Collection

  • Timed Draw

  • PRPs / PRFs

  • STAT Orders

  • On-Call Mobile Phlebotomy Service for Medical Practices

  • Lab Kits


  • Specialty Labs

  • Independent & Assisted Living

  • Physician Offices

  • VIP's Dental Office

  • Corporate Offices

  • Senior Living Facilities

  • Allergy & Fertility

  • Home Health

  • Nursing Homes

  • Pediatrics Clinical Trials


Need Blood Draw?



Getting started with our mobile phlebotomy service is simple and convenient. To request our service or inquire more about it, please fill out our contact form.

If you currently have your blood draw order, after submitting the form, you can then fax or email us the order using the contact details provided below.

If you currently have received your lab kit, please ensure to mention the that in the contact form before you submit it. 

Alternatively, you can leave us a message on our monitored voicemail. We check our messages regularly and strive to respond promptly.

We thank you for choosing our service and look forward to assisting with your mobile phlebotomy needs. Your health and convenience are our top priorities. 

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